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» fuel oil modules
» HT cooling water modules
» LT cooling water modules
» lube oil modules

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from 2.800 to KW
conduce to engine fuel supply of big-power motors with diesel oil or heavy fuel oil

Fuel oil modules contain all components for fuel delivery from the daily supply tank to engines according to requirements (amount, pressure, filtration, viscosity) of the several engine makers.

application areas:
In ship operation for supply of main engines and/or auxiliary engine(s)
In power station operation for stationary installation
Modules can be designed for each special requirement

Conduce to removal of heat, which accrues at the engines.
The modules contain all necessary components (pumps, cooler, controller, supervision) and will be costum manufactured customized.

Conduce to heat removal from installations and aggregates, which are operating in engine room. The modules contain- like HT cooling water modules- all necessary components and will be manufactured custom.

For many different applications and requirements:

Main lube oil circuit
Crankshaft lubrication
Piston pin lubrication
With or without storage tank

Lube oil supply modules contain all components to provide the lube oil at the required points of the engine according to the requirements (amount, pressure, filtration, temperature) of the engine makers.

Customized modular systems
Modular systems can be built for almost each application area. At this we agree to customer requirements and advise you at the implementation. We cannot but agree with costumer`s requirements. We aolso can advise you concerning the implementation.


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