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Since over 20 years we have been internationally ranked amongst the market leaders in the field of completed modularized solutions. We are proud to say that we are authoritatively involved in development and establishment of modular systems at the world market.

turbocharger lubrication modules
HT/LT cooling water modules
fuel oil supply modules

But to remain for a long time on the market, there is still a lot to do. We are quite aware of that fact. As engineering office and manufacturer of modules around the engine, we do our best to achieve your confidence. That is what our staff is engageg in every day. The name kupke+wolf stands for reliability - by water and ashore!

Of course we offer professional design, piping and control systems for your modul applications. A convincing overall package.

We endeavour to offer our customers the maximum of product quality and technical consultation. For that reason, the discussion about individual requests is naturally a requirement for your planning and design. The modules are tested under almost realistic operational conditions.

We guarantee that you get all over the world the quality and the service that you expect from the name kupke+wolf.

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